About Me

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow under the guidance of Professor Yong Chen at the University of Pennsylvania. I received my PhD in Computer Science from Emory in 2022, where I was co-supervised by Professors Joyce Ho and Yuanzhe Xi. A main thrust of my research focuses on develop efficient and trustworthy machine learning models for complex real-world data (e.g., tensors, images, texts, graphs, RNA-Seq), under different contexts (e.g., distribution shift, missing data), from various aspects (e.g., accuracy, efficiency, robustness, fairness). Thus far, I have focused on three complementary directions: (1) Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) (e.g., optimization, numerical analysis, parallel computing) (2) Transfer Learning (e.g., Domain adaptation/generalization, Zero-Shot Learning, Parameter efficient fine-tuning) (3) Generative models (e.g., LLMs, GANs, Flow, and Diffusion models)

I am on the job market. Please reach out to me if you find my expertise and research align with your department.

Current research includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Scientific Mathematics for Machine Learning (e.g., parallel computing, optimization, numerical analysis)
  • Transfer learning (e.g., domain adaptation/generalization)
  • Generative model for health data